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The Top Five Products and Tips To Save Your Relationship

The Top Five Products and Tips To Save Your Relationship

Article Outline

1. Grooming tips to save your relationship.

2. Cleaning advice for the bathroom.

3. Tips for eliminating dandruff & beard flakes.

Gentleman, we're not relationship therapists, let's start there. But, if there's anything we've learned in our time it's that relationships aren't easy and take a lot of work. The last thing you want to do is annoy your better half. Remember, happy wife, happy life! So, follow these five tips, and keep the nights spent on the couch to a minimum.


This may come as a surprise but just closing the toilet seat will not keep the smell from escaping after you do your business. A courtesy flush doesn’t do the job either. Matches or candles, no chance. Or, opening the window, good luck with that one. What will though is Deuce Toilet Deodorizer Spray! Just spray a couple of spritzes into the toilet before you do your thing. The essential oils in Deuce will not only block the funky odors from coming, but will also release an amazing fragrance into the air. 


Did you clean the sink after you shaved? Oops. We get it, cleaning up stubble can be annoying; but when your partner has to clean your stubble up, it's even worse. Stubble and manscaping messes can be a problem that can get out of control fast. So grab yourself a Stubble Buddy, and make clean up a breeze. Stubble Buddy quietly vacuums beard hair in seconds so there is no more beard mess. Cleaning-up your beard and manscaping trimmings will never be the same. No more clogged drains, wasted tissues, or angry spicy senoritas! 


This one might not seem like a big deal to you, but to your partner it might be. You wouldn't share the same tooth brush would you? So why would you share the same hair brush. True us gents may not think about purchasing a hair brush. We just use whatever one is laying around. But, picking someone else's hair out of your brush can be gross no matter how close you are. Do yourself a favor and grab your own hair brush. Argument avoided.


Not only are loofahs better for cleaning your skin, and make your body wash lather like a champ; but it's also an easy way to eliminate that wet wash cloth you forget to hang up. It may seem like not a big deal, but just like leaving your wet towel on the floor, leaving a wet wash cloth in the tub can become an annoyance. Snag yourself a loofah and be done with washcloths for good! 


If dandruff is annoying for you, think of how annoying finding your flakes are for your partner. In the bed, on the couch, in the car, flakes everywhere. Now by no means does having dandruff mean that your hygiene isn’t up to par, many people with amazing hygiene still suffer from dandruff. However, it is a problem that needs to be correct ASAP. Grab a specialized dandruff shampoo that’s jam packed with coal tar. This is the active ingredient needed to stop flakes in their tracks. You’ll be happy when you are finally flake free, and so will your partner.


It’s no secret that some spicy senoritas really dig an epic beard. The one thing that no spicy senorita digs? The itchy, scratchy feeling she gets when you come in close. Make sure your beard feels as good as it looks. Beard balms and oils are key to hydrating and softening your beard, making it soft to the touch. As an added bonus it even hydrates the often-neglected skin underneath, and makes your beard smell amazing.


We want to make sure we go the extra mile. So, here is a few quick tips to keep your spicy señorita happy.

  • Put the toilet seat down. No explanation needed, just do it.
  • Make sure to keep put the top back on the toothpaste.
  • Invest in double sink. Having her own space means you'll never get her side dirty.
  • Don't leave your wet towel on the ground.
  • Make cleaning your bathroom your job. What she doesn't see, she can't get mad about.
  • Have separate shelves or drawers. Keeping your things separate is an easy way to make sure you never accidentally misplace her things.
  • Wake up a few minutes earlier if needed. Guys generally get ready much faster. So avoid any issues by just getting up early and getting in and out fast.

That is our top five tips for making sure your better half stays happy. Make this tips a routine, and avoid the argument.

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