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The Benefits Of A Daily Scalp Massage

The Benefits Of A Daily Scalp Massage

Article Outline

1. Advice on how to reduce muscle tension.

2. Tips to reduce build of product/dead skin.

3. How to promote hair growth.

4. Natural remedies for migraines/headaches.

5. Helps balance nervous system.

6. Tips on massaging scalp.

A great massage doesn’t have to break the bank; and the benefits of massage are undeniable. But did you know you should be giving that same massage treatment to you scalp? It may surprise you all the amazing benefits that come along with a great scalp massage. This is because of the nerves close to the surface of the skin on the scalp. By massaging these nerve endings, they become stimulated which in turn relaxes the nervous system - which is kinda a big deal. A little relaxation should be more than enough to convince you, but if you’re still on the fence, here’s our top reasons you should be showing that scalp of yours some love.

Reduces Muscle Tension

This may surprise you, but your scalp can become incredibly tense, especially across your hairline, behind the ears, and in the neck. This can result in constricted blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the hair follicles. The gentle pressure of a massage stimulates nerves close to your scalp’s skin surface which ultimately results in total relaxation. Scalp massages will reduce tension in your scalp and your neck. The relaxation you experience isn’t just in your head (literally). Massages can also lower blood pressure, levels of stress hormones, and heart rate. And the cherry on top? Scalp massages will also help you sleep better!

Reduces Buildup of Product and Dead Skin

Scalp massages, especially with a great scalp massaging brush, helps reach closer to the scalp to get rid of hair product, dead skin, or excess dirt that your fingers might miss. This not only reduces scalp itch and exfoliates dead skin, but is key to eliminating dandruff, especially when paired with an amazing dandruff shampoo. You probably don’t realize how much debris and bacteria gets left in your hair even after showers, but trust us, it’s there!

Promotes Hair Growth and Health

Massaging your scalp can also help stimulate new hair growth, and keep your hair healthy and strong. One study from the National Library of Medicine demonstrates that scalp massages help increase hair thickness and activates dormant hair follicles which in turn encourages hair growth. This is the result of more blood flow to the scalp and direct stimulation of force to the dermal papillae (an active group of cells at the hair follicle base that help with hair growth). The circulation brings oxygen and nourishing nutrients to the hair on your scalp, which results in stronger and healthier hair. So, if your hair is thinning, you should definitely consider a scalp massage! Scalp massaging also distributes natural oils to the rest of the hair which will make your hair look and feel healthier as well as protect the hair from breakage and split ends. Using an Argan Oil treatment along with your scalp massage is also an amazing way to make sure your hair stays healthy, shiny, and looking it’s best!

Natural Remedy for Migraines, Headaches and Mental Health

Research has also shown that massages reduce frequency, intensity, and duration of chronic headaches. Tension headaches cause pain in the head, neck, and behind the eyes, so scalp massages are a great way to combat those painful headaches. Not to mention, scalp massages can also boost your mood as it increases serotonin, your “happy hormone”, to reduce stress and anxiety. Scalp massages can even reduce depression symptoms and decrease the feelings of boredom.

Helps Balance Nervous System

Scalp massages also benefit your central nervous system because of the increased blood flow and circulation. This optimizes the body's natural healing abilities and helps the body better harmonize. This may seem redundant, but these massages are sure to relax physical stress and achieve balance within yourself. 

Easy and Convenient

No need to book a professional massage when you can do it yourself! Scalp massages are easy and do not require too much effort. They don’t need to be long in duration either. Just 5 minutes a day can yield some pretty amazing results. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, try asking your partner or a friend!

How to Go About a Head Massage

After learning about all those benefits, we are sure you are itching to know just how to correctly give yourself or another a head massage. Well, your prayers have been answered! Here are the main things you need to know about giving a head massage:

  1. Use your fingertips or a scalp massage brush to reach deep into your hair to where the follicles and scalp are.
  2. Massage oil or argan oil is optional but if you choose to use some, put a towel around the neck and on the chair to catch any drip.
  3. Begin the massage with light to medium pressure on your head.
  4. Work your fingers or the massage tool all over scalp in circular motions.
  5. To get the best experience, massage for a minimum of 5 minutes.

That's it. Easy as can be. Now that you've learned all the amazing benefits of a great scalp massage, give yourself five minutes a day, and give that scalp a little tender love and care. And if you find that the scalp massager is a life saver, like we think you will, pair it with our brand new body scrubbing massage brush to treat your body right as well!


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