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7 Classic Side-Part Hairstyles For Men

7 Classic Side-Part Hairstyles For Men

As far as men’s hairstyles go, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic side-part. Versatile and timeless, this side-swept ‘do has the ability to make any dude look important and dignified. Like most timeless hairstyles, the popularity of the side-part has inevitably led to a slew of modern variations, each with their own unique appeal.

Not sure which side-part hairstyle is right for you? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re rocking this classic ‘do with a modern Quiff or pairing it with tons of volume, here are some of the most stylish side-part hairstyles for men that are sure to elevate your look.

1. The 1950’s Side-Part

Why mess with a good thing? The original side-part from the 1950’s was a thing of grandeur. Ubiquitous among the rebellious youth and family men alike, the sleek style was usually paired with a short haircut that featured tapered sides and a tapered back. These days, guys are rocking the look for fancy-schmancy events (think: red carpets, galas and the dinner parties). But if you want to slap on some hair gel and bring some Mad Men vibes to work, we say go for it.

2. The Ivy League Side-Part

Another classically cool style we’re loving is the Ivy League haircut. Also known as the Princeton haircut, this low-maintenance style is technically a version of the crew cut. But unlike a classic crew cut, the Ivy League is just long enough to be effortlessly styled into a neat side-part. If you want this look, we recommend a textured Ivy league cut. Use a quality hair paste to give you medium hold and a hint of shine. Pair your 'do with a preppy blazer and a pocket square and you’ll be ready for your summer getaway in Cape Cod.

3. Hard Part with a Fade

If you’re the kinda guy who likes to put a modern spin on the classics, consider rocking a hard part with a fade. Unlike a regular side-part, a hard part is a line that is shaved into your haircut. Cristiano Ronaldo and John Boyega have rocked the look with finesse, so why not you as well? Pair it with a low- to mid-skin fade for some extra edge. 

4. The Quiff Side-Part

Speaking of famous soccer players with amazing hair, David Beckham has sported just about every hairstyle known to man. From cornrows to mohawks, the fashion icon has a long and diverse hair history.

While some of those hairstyles may not be goal-worthy, his effortlessly stylish side-part and quiff combo is anything but regrettable. For those who don’t know, the Quiff haircut is a classic men's hairstyle with the hair left slightly longer on top. It can range from sleek and sexy to modern and natural. When paired with a sophisticated side-part, it’s basically a hair home run every time.

5. Side-Part with Natural Curl or Waves

If you have a wavy top, we have good news: there are plenty of side-part hairstyles for men with wavy or curly hair types. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that your effortlessly messy waves make you a prime candidate for this classic ‘do. There’s something about the untamed curls combining with the polished side-part that can take your hair game to a new level. Want to try the look yourself? Just use some Texture Powder to sprinkle some volume and then wrangle your waves into submission and you’ll ace the look. 

6. Side-Part Pompadour

Similar to the quiff, the pompadour is a classic hairstyle for men that has been immensely popular in recent years. While the original pompadour had high shine and high hold (and high maintenance), modern pompadours are far more versatile and natural-looking. When paired with a trendy side-part, this voluminous style looks even more dapper.

7. Long Hair Side-Part

Rule number one of side-part hairstyles for men: there are no rules. Want to rock a messy and poorly-defined side-part? Do it. Want to sport a side-part with your long, flowy locks? Go ahead and part that bad boy.

Whether you’re in the process of growing out your hair or you already have a shoulder-length mane, you can give yourself more volume by parting your hair to one side. For added texture and volume, spritz a sea salt spray on your locks.

Get the Look

Remember to stock your arsenal with the best men's grooming tools and grooming products you need to rock your side-part in style. Whether you’re sporting the side-part with a beard or going old school with a smooth face, the spicy senoritas are going to be all over your dapper-looking hairstyle.

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