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5 Helpful Quick Tips & Advice For An Amazing Shave

5 Helpful Quick Tips & Advice For An Amazing Shave

Here’s the deal guys, at first, when you’re a teenager you're like, “shaving is cool. I’m finally an adult!” And then, as you get older you quickly start to realize that you have to do this annoying grooming chore nearly every single day for the rest of your life and it kinda becomes a drag and there’s no way out of it unless you grow a beard. And, growing a beard has its own challenges and maintenance that can be even more overwhelming than shaving!

So, if you want to get a great shave you’re going to want to follow these helpful shaving tips so you can look your best.

  1. Shaving Prep Is Key – make sure your skin is hot and moist from the shower. Especially the problem areas like the neck region which tend to get most of the ingrowns and razor bumps.

    Ideally, shave after a shower as it is the best way to open up those pores and make your stubble nice and soft. Keep the hot water from the shower on those trouble areas for a bit longer too. Just splashing hot water from the sink won’t do the trick if your skin gets irritated a lot or if you have a lot of facial hair.

       2. Pre-Shave Oil – You’re probably not using one, but it’s a game-changing product to make your shaves better. The pre-shave oil will make your skin nice and slick so that the razor easily slips/glides across your skin surface so that there is no tugging with the razor. Just apply a few drops before you put on your shaving cream and you will notice the difference immediately helping to eliminate razor burn, redness, ingrowns and bumps.

Pre-Shave Oil

  1. Blade-Changing – We see/hear guys keeping their shaving blades as long as their toothbrushes and it gives us shaving properly nightmares. You’ve got to change your blades regularly like every 3-5 shaves typically as the blades will get dull, and dull means more passes, more tugging, and more irritation.

    Also, blades that just sit on your counter for awhile get pretty darn dirty. With your pores being open, you’re just infecting your skin with the bacteria on the razor blade. So, be sure to change it up, regularly. Also, quick tip help here is to use a safety razor over a cartridge razor as the safety razor blade will need less passes versus the cartridge.
  2. Exfoliate - Men hear the word exfoliation and runaway, but it’s no big deal. It just means scrubbing away the dead skin on your skin’s surface so you’re essentially left with a clean plate. You don’t want the dead/dirty skin getting into those pores that are open prior to shaving. The best way to do this is by either using a facial scrub or if you want to do it the manly regal way, grab a shaving brush which helps exfoliate the skin and gets that stubble up so that you don’t get ingrowns as the blade can get under the hair.

  3.  Post Shave - is just as important as the pre-shave. We can’t believe how many men don’t apply an aftershave after doing the deed. It’s crazy! You need to use cold water on your face (not warm!) to close those pores quickly. You will also want to use an aftershave balm or splash to hydrate and chill out the just-shaved skin. Shaving dries out your skin so you need to replenish the tender dermis with calming, healing soothers.

That’s a lot of shave tips to get you started. Follow this helpful advice (if we say so ourselves), grab some high quality shaving products (yes, that makes a difference too) and your shaves will be so much better in no time. Oh, and watch our video pointer below too!

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