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How to Use Aftershave

How to Use Aftershave

Fellas, if you thought that aftershave was just some old-school gimmick that your grandpa used (way too much of), you’re in for a big surprise. In reality, this post-shave miracle-worker is the modern man’s secret weapon, doing lots of heavy lifting in the men’s grooming department. Yup, we’re telling you that you’re gonna want to invest in a good aftershave splash and to learn how to use it while you’re at it.

What Is Aftershave, Anyway?

Before we get in too deep, let’s return to the basics: What is aftershave, anyway? It sounds kind of obvious, and, in some ways, it is. You definitely do put on this stuff after you shave. But there’s more to the story than that. Typically, aftershave is a moisturizing astringent, which is a substance that contracts the tissues and pores to prevent bleeding and promote healing.






The fact that it helps the body process and treat minor injuries is one of the reasons why it’s so amazing for using after you shave. A soothing aftershave balm will definitely help prevent razor bumps and irritation while allowing those pesky cuts and nicks to heal faster. The best part?  A splash or dab of a good-quality aftershave will leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed.

Most aftershave products also contain moisture-boosters to help hydrate rough, dull or dry skin that can be worsened by shaving. If you tend to get razor burn or redness, definitely pick one that’s formulated to re-hydrate after your razor and cream zaps the skin of moisture, looking for ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, safflower oil and glycerin. These ingredients are also excellent at leaving your skin with a thick layer of protection to help prevent the vulnerable, exposed layers of skin from getting damaged after you shave.

How to Use Aftershave Daily

aftershave balm
  • Set Yourself Up for Success—A solid aftershave splash or balm is meant to be the finale of your shave, but it’s only as good as the shave itself. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for a good groom session with pre-shave oil, a high-quality shave cream and a good razor that creates an irritation-free shave. Aftershave will help correct a bad shave, but a good shave only bolsters it so it can work at its best.
  • Apply it Evenly on Your Face—After you’ve rinsed your shaving cream off with a cold splash of water to close the pores (not hot water), dry the face completely and apply a tiny amount of aftershave balm or splash a teaspoon or two onto your face. Be sure to spread it evenly across the face and neck, covering every inch that you shaved. Remember, aftershave is mucho-concentrated, and a little bit goes a long way.
  • Know Your Needs—At Pete & Pedro, we offer both aftershave splash and aftershave balm, both of which are amazing products and serve their own purposes. Our Aftershave Splash is in a liquid form that’s easy to quite literally splash on your face, offering a cooling sensation similar to water with the benefit of medicated ingredients.

    Should You Be Using After Shave?  

    Yes, definitely. Not following up your shave with some sort of aftershave product is a huge no-no that could leave you with dry, irritated, red skin. Plus, it leaves you smelling like your shaving cream, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what kind you use. 

    Investing in your arsenal of shaving products is an endeavor well worth the effort, especially if you know what to look for and how to use it. The result is a silky-smooth face and an actually enjoyable shave. What could be better than that!?


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