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What Does Beard Balm Do?

What Does Beard Balm Do?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in the faraway past, you’ve probably seen beard balm popping up in your social feeds and IRL at the store. This stuff is the men’s grooming hero of modern times—not surprising since the beard is having a serious moment decade—and we’re here to ensure that it never goes away. If you’re a novice to the latest and greatest beard products, stick with us for a bit while we go over this facial hair game-changer and explain why yes, you do need to integrate it into your grooming routine.

What Is Beard Balm?

Let’s get basic for a sec. What even is beard balm? This stuff is a thick, putty-like grooming substance that you rub onto your beard to make it look, feel and smell better. Specifically, Pete & Pedro Fresh Beard Balm delivers a bunch of amazing benefits with a 100 percent natural formula containing a blend of mango seed butter, beeswax and safflower oil. Here’s what it does.

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  • It hydrates your beard. The best thing about a good-quality beard balm? It gets rid of the dry, scratchy beard texture that you (and your lady) hate. Basically, it turns scraggly, flaky hair into soft and smooth hair, so your beard looks nice and groomed even if it’s definitely not. That also means bye, bye beardruff!
  • It styles your beard. Who says you don’t have to style your beard in the morning? We think that you should consider your face mane a top priority, right alongside the hair on your head. Beard balm is the perfect styling companion because it provides a light hold so you can smooth hair into place and keep it there all day.
  • It makes your beard smell amazing. There’s no excuse for a smelly beard. Beard balm is designed to freshen up your beard and keep it fresh all day. Bonus: Ours comes in two scents. Fresh has a pleasant scent with masculine notes of musk, mahogany and teak wood, and Rugged has a warm, earthy scent with notes of cedar, bergamot and tobacco.
  • It makes your beard less itchy. Our beard products are made of super-hydrating oils that trap in hydration on the facial hair and skin, which helps banish itchy beards and facial dandruff without leaving behind any nasty, flaky product residue.
  • It helps you grow a beard. Looking for a little boost when you’re trying to go from barely-there stubble to full-blown beard? Beard balm can help you grow a beard because it energizes and moisturizes the skin beneath so it gets the nutrients it needs to grow facial hair long and strong.

Prefer something with an oilier texture for some added hydration? Try our beard oil, too. It has a very similar formula but is more liquid-like than balm-like.

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How to Use Beard Balm

Ready to get balmy? Here’s how to use our beard balm so you get the best possible results and achieve bearded perfection. Note that this stuff is amazing on all kinds of facial hair. Beards, yes, but also mustaches, goatees, sideburns, whatever.

  1. Start by washing your face and shaping up or trimming your beard so it’s the perfect length and style.
  2. When fully dry, scrape off a small dab (you don’t need much) of beard balm and rub it between your fingers so it warms and slightly melts.
  3. Once the balm is warmed, evenly distribute it throughout your beard, integrating a dab or two more if your beard is extra thick and dry.

Bueno Beard Hair

There you have it, guys. The proof is in the putty, and beard balm is all you need to achieve bueno (facial) hair. Pete & Pedro has everything you need to get a killer beard that’s perfectly soft, shaped and well-maintained, so make sure to check out all of our beard products for more grooming greats.


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