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5 Quick Tips For Getting Rid Of Dandruff Fast!

5 Quick Tips For Getting Rid Of Dandruff Fast!

In this Pedro’s Pointer video/article, we talk about evil dandruff and how to get rid of the flaky monster. Let's keep it real. Dandruff sucks. It’s annoying. It’s embarrassing. It comes out of nowhere. You can’t wear dark clothes at all. And, woman along with everyone else always see it in plain sight right away... it's a mojo killer. Here's the great news though, gentleman. You can very likely get rid of dandruff!

Here’s our quick dandruff removal tips so the only flakes you see are in the winter.

1. Use products with tea tree oil like Control or Clean. Tea tree oil is a natural ingredient that disinfects and destroys bacteria that causes dandruff. Many times guys with just your typical average dandruff use a tea tree oil shampoo like Clean and the dandruff goes away in a zippy.

shampoo massager brush

2. Exfoliation is key. This helps get rid of that top layer of dead skin so the dry scalp doesn’t flake like crazy. Grab a shampoo massager brush and gently massage the scalp. It feels good too!

3. Use a Conditioner daily – Condition more. Shampoo less is an old age that really is true. Conditioners nourish and moisturize the hair bringing it back to life so you don’t flake up top. You must use a conditioner!

4. Diet is crucial. We won't dive into this too much here, but go with eating a ton of Omega-3/6/9 foods. Also drink a lot of water. Don’t smoke of course too.

dandruff shampoo

5. Grab CONTROL Dandruff Shampoo & Anti-itch Treatment. It’s bar none the best dandruff shampoo on the market. It’s loaded with coal tar – a whopping 1.8%, tea tree oil, menthol, and other amazing ingredients to help with dandruff removal. It also smells like peppermint unlike most dandruff shampoos that have a horrible smell. Take a peek at our reviews by customers. This bad boy dandruff shampoo works... and it works fast!


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