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Fogless Shower Mirror (New)

 Our Fogless Shower Mirror is an essential upgrade to your shower game. Make shower shaving, manscaping, and more a total breeze with this super easy to install shower pro tool.


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Pete & Pedro Fogless Shower Mirror is our super compact and easy to hang fogless shower mirror that makes your shower shaving, grooming, and manscaping a total breeze. Gents, it’s simple, your facial hair and hair in other places is softer and easier to shave when you’re in the shower... but only when you can actually see it! So, take advantage with our awesome, convenient, and actually works fogless shower mirror asap.

Our super durable, fogless mirror comes equipped with a set it and forget it adhesive hook that stays on forever against the wall.  Forget the suction cups that fall off in a week!  Just hang your mirror on the hook and you're able to have the the handy shower tool accessible at any time.

A shower essential - this bad boy fogless mirror is one shower upgrade you shouldn’t be without!

Fogless Shower Mirror @ a Glance

Size: 6.83” X 5.25” Includes Adhesive Shower Hook



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