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QUESTION: Every time I buy a cologne at the mall it smells so different than when I start using it at home. I’m always super bummed - what the bleep is going on?

What you need amigo is simply some patience. And, that's free! Here’s the deal with fragrances. They’ve got 3 Key Notes and the Top Note is usually the flashy first one to lure you in. Damn that Top Note – I feel your pain.
The Top Note is what you’re smelling at the store only. But, the Base Note is the lasting legacy note that you will smell for hours later when you go out on those dates with the spicy senoritas. So, always look to see what the Base Notes are. That’s the essence of the fragrance.

Here's what I recommend the next time you go to the mall. Go spray on the scent, but instead of saying it is amazing right away and getting suckered into buying it, go hit Panda Express at the eatery and grab some Orange Chicken for lunch. Be patient.
Then, after the fragrance has settled down, take a whiff. If you love it, buy it! Of course, you could always just skip the mall entirely and try our P&P Fragrance Samples Set.


QUESTION: I’ve got a big date with a girl I’ve been wanting to go out with for almost a year now. Any tips to set the mood when she comes over?

ANSWER: First off, nice work my guy. Now the real work begins. 

Make sure your pad is clean, not your type of clean, but your mom’s clean. The bathroom is super key. It might not be a bad idea to hire a cleaner the day before, seriously. It could be the best Ben Franklin you ever spend. You definitely don't want the first time she sees your place to be the last!

Ask in advance about a few meals that you can cook for her (no, SpaghettiOs doesn’t count – not even the Franks version). This chatter can be fun over text to get to know the real her, too. Oh, and ask if she likes red or white wine (probably red – but having both a Cabernet and a Chardonnay on hand will cover you regardless of which she prefers.)

Then, light a Spicy Senorita Candle (telling her it is from your favorite brand that has a donkey as their logo), and put on a slick outfit. Keep the outfit choice casual though. You’re at home after all, be comfortable.

Finally, make sure you do one last QC check on your grooming. Check your nose/ear hair for any stragglers and apply only a few spritzes of your favorite cologne – hello REBEL. Oh, and definitely, lightly powder your boys

Ultimately, just showing her you’re making the effort is what it is all about. If she’s coming over, she’s already into you – so just be yourself. Sage advice, I know.


QUESTION: I’m thinking about using a hair dryer to add some quick and easy volume to my hairstyle, but really have no idea how to use it properly - any tips?

ANSWER: I like to say the hair dryer is the jedi weapon of choice for great looking hair. Master the hair dryer, master Bueno Hair!

But, a blow dryer is no toy so don’t go all Kylo Ren and get all angry – that’s bad for your locks as hair is super fragile! Here’s a few quick key tips. 

Keep some space between the dryer and your hair. A little warmth (medium setting) is key to locking in your volume and texture, but too much is just going to damage your hair. If your style requires a little heat activation, make sure to use PROTECT Heat Shield Spray prior to drying for that force field protection. That’s critical.

Next, you know that fancy nozzle thing that attaches to the blow dryer? That thing is actually called a concentrator, and I recommend keeping it on. Using the concentrator is going to give you much more control, making it easier to target and direct your hair the way you want it to go.

The final quick tip is to know when to blow dry. Try out blow drying before or after you apply your products. Things like pomades and gels are going to really stiffen up after adding some heat, giving you a hard, crusty look that is definitely no bueno! On the other hand, prestylers like SALT Sea Salt Spray are going to work with the heat for added volume.

Bonus Tip: If you want some extra volume, blow dry your hair in the opposite direction.

Mastering the art of using a hair dryer takes time and practice. Or, just go to the Dagobah System and seek Yoda - he knows his stuff.


QUESTION: My girlfriend says my feet and toenails are kind of gross. She wants me to get a pedicure, but there’s no chance in the world I’m going to a salon. What can I do to keep my feet looking awesome for the upcoming summer months?

ANSWER: No chance in the world? It’s 2022 dude! The spicy senoritas appreciate a guy that takes care of his feet. Not to mention if your feet are super gross it could be a deal breaker. Dudes have been turned down for way less!

And, here’s a little secret the spicy senoritas learned long ago – pedicures are actually pretty awesome. Who doesn't love some quality pampering from time to time!

But if you insist and stepping foot into a salon is not an option (pun intended), you'll want to start by grabbing yourself a quality double-sided foot file. The foot file is key to removing dead skin and smoothing out your calluses. Do yourself a favor and file away in the shower when your skin is nice and soft. 

Next, grab a toenail clipper. Yes, there is a difference between the clippers you use on your feet versus the ones you use on your fingers. Toenail clippers are longer and sometimes wider to make trimming easier and to allow for a nice rounded finish since those angles can be tougher to reach. 

Pro Tip: Always trim your nails after getting them moist so the nails don’t break.

Finally, let's talk about odor. If you thought dry skin and rough nails were bad, then consider a pungent stink coming from your barking dogs to be the icing on the dealbreaker cake. Don't take any chances here. Throwing some Body Powder onto your feet and in your shoes/socks will keep the sweat and odor to a bare minimum. 

Oh, don’t forget to use some body lotion from the ankle down to keep your feet from cracking. Boom!

Now put your best foot forward (I did it again), and go enjoy some fun in the sun amigo!


QUESTION: I get really bad razor burn, ingrown hairs, and bumps when I shave. What can I do to make my shaves more efficient and stop the burn?

ANSWER: First off, mastering a proper shave routine is an art form. So, don't beat yourself up too bad about the burns and bumps. It happens to the best of us. However, there are a few ways to ensure you get a super close, clean shave without feeling the burn afterwards. Just remember, the most important thing you can do for a great shave is before you even start the shave... Preparation!  Here's my quick tips:

  1. Make sure you shave in or right after a hot shower to ensure your hair and skin is wicked soft and your pores are open. This is going to make sure the blade has to do far less work, and more importantly, far less damage to your dermis.
  2. Pre-Shave Oil. Never heard of it. Well, that’s because it’s the secret weapon to a smooth shave! Pre-Shave Oil makes the razor glide across your face like butter with no tugging or pulling. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. Get one.
  3. Use a shaving brush to stand up those whiskers. A shaving brush not only exfoliates dead skin, but it gets the beard hair standing up so the razor can get a clean cut underneath. That's huge so you don't have any ingrown hairs. Also, once you apply your shave cream, give it some time to marinate. Be patient and let that stuff sink in.
  4. Finally, make sure to rinse after with cold water and use an aftershave balm when you're finished to chill out the skin. Cold water is going to close up those pores fast to reduce the amount of razor bumps and ingrown hairs you'll see in the days to come, while a quality aftershave balm is your first line of defense to cool the burn and heal your skin.

Bonus Tip: Change your blades way more frequently than your toothbrush! Blades should be changed after like 5 shaves. Once they get dull and dirty, change them. That can literally make all the difference!