Our Bueno Product Videos

Here are our product videos for all the products we carry at Pete & Pedro. If you're looking to up your confidence and grooming game, an educated man is a sexy man. Click below to watch the video you desire.

Styling Aids^ Back To Top

Tip: Make sure to emulsify to activate. Starts hard & chunky.
Tip: Use before a styling aid, just a few sprays to create texture.
Tip: If you want zero shine and a medium hold, grab Clay stat.
Tip: Medium hold. Medium Shine. Nothing average about it though.
Tip: Keeps hair neat and tidy with a simple hold and low shine.
Tip: Shine master with a very solid hold.
Tip: Classic Pomade on 'roids. Super shine, control, and hold.
Tip: Set it and forget it. Great for the slick wet hair look.
Tip: Used mostly solo, but can also be a great add-on.
Tip: Energizing boost to your incredible hair!
Caress, Shield, & Treat your hair right
Strengthen hair from the inside out

Body Care^ Back To Top

Tip: Use a loofah to get extra suds and light exfoliation.
Amazing pearlized body wash with a macho, wicked scent of rum & tobacco notes keeps skin soft, supple, and smelling incredible.
Amazing pearlized body wash with an invigorating and uber-cooling fresh peppermint scent keeps skin soft, supple, and happy.
Body & Balls Powder quickly absorbs moisture and sweat and protects the body from chafing and irritation for long-lasting, all-day comfort.
Butt wipes are a must have to make sure your behind is left clean without skidmarks after taking care of your biz. Great for face and body too.

Tools^ Back To Top

Tip: Look for heft, grip, and balance in a razor. Butterfly opening makes life easy.
Tip; Stainless steel tools, for the perfect nail trim!
Tip: Two unique files for smooth, amazing feet.
Tip: Hand finished tip for perfect pulling.
Tip: Few sprays for an amazing fragrance of botanicals and essential oils!!
Tip: Amazing tools for sweet, manicured, nails
Creating the perfect lather, for a great clean
All the bells & whistles a gent needs for travel.
Super easy way to bring your favorite fragrance with you.
Tip: Feels great and deep cleanses your scalp.
Tip:Bueno kit for keeping that facial hair always presentable.
Tip: Safer and more effective than your fingers
Keep those hands squeaky clean!
One of the most important products in your arsenal
Body scrub exfoliating brush easily removes dead skin, improves circulation, and massages skin and muscles to the max.
Classic 9 row styling hair brush is perfect for creating tension when shaping and styling.
Super versatile oval military hair and beard brush effectively styles and grooms your hair, beard, mustache, and more.
Barbershop quality paddle brush is equipped with an oversized soft head design perfect for long and thicker hair.
The vented hair brush with soft, ball tip pins is perfect for allowing air from the blow dryer to pass through making hair drying and styling a breeze.
Adjustable, foldable, portable mirror is easy to use, perfect for travel, great for close-ups, and provides a true reflection without distortion.
Scissors Set includes two types of scissors (one sharp/one rounded) to ensure your nose/ear hair is removed easily/safely, and your beard/stache/brows are groomed to perfection.

Shaving^ Back To Top

Tip: Less is more. Super-concentrated so you only need one pump.
Tip: Shave's secret weapon. Helps with razor glide and no burn.
Tip: Look for heft, grip, and balance in a razor. Butterfly opening makes life easy.
Tip: Use COLD water after your shave. Then apply the splash.

Shampoos^ Back To Top

Tip: Yes you need to use a conditioner. Use it daily after you shampoo ideally.
Tip: Coal tar obsess dandruff shampoo delivers big-time results while smelling good.
Bourbon-scented uber-rich daily shampoo for all hair types
Loaded with argan oil to energize dull hair
Full of biotin and rice protein that add weightless volume for incredible hair fullness and body.

Beards^ Back To Top

Tip: The skin underneath beards needs love otherwise it gets dry and cranky.
Tip: 100% natural beard balm with a fresh scent conditions, hydrates, styles and tames beards keeping scruff stylish and itchiness free.

Conditioners^ Back To Top

Tip: Use daily. Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint make our shampoo a big-time winner.
Tip: Yes you need to use a conditioner. Use it daily after you shampoo ideally.
A conditioner to take it to the next level

Fragrance^ Back To Top

Light, Fresh, Citrusy
Light, Fresh, and Earthy
Fresh, Spicy, Grassy
Mysterious, Mesmerizing, Mischievous