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Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer

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Clever tool makes it super easy to take your favorite fragrance with you anywhere without bringing and likely breaking the entire, clunky, expensive bottle.  Spayer comes empty.

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This item does not include a sample of REBEL or HERO. If you'd like a sample of REBEL click here or HERO click here and/or see below for details.

Pete & Pedro Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer is the best grooming invention ever. We’re not kidding, we love this product! This little fella is a travel dream come true so that you can easily bring your favorite fragrance with you anywhere, anytime. Don't ever bring and break your super-expensive, clunky $300 bottle of cologne ever again!

You now have the option to grab the Sprayer with a generous sample of the famous REBEL & HERO fragrances for only an additional $10. If you're looking for the best way to sample our fragrances without buying the whole bottle this is definitely the way to go. We'll fill up the sprayer with the fragrance in advance so you'll get a hefty amount to try and love. This is only available for the US and Canada. Get REBEL sample. Get HERO sample.

Back to the sprayer. The refillable container is lightweight and compact, TSA-approved size and emblazoned with our slick logo too. Grab a couple of these suckers and keep one in your car, one in your toiletry bag, one at work drawer, and one at your spicy senorita's house. Without a doubt, the best stocking stuffer on the planet.

How does it work? Really simple. The refiller has a special pump hole on the bottom that goes into the cologne spray tip nozzle. Pump it a few times and voila, you've got your favorite fragrance now in the little bottle. We recommend watching the short video, but it's super easy to use and takes seconds to fill. Do not fill it over the window level.

This is a life-saver, game-changing grooming product. Get one. Get many. You’ll be so happy you did!

Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer @ a Glance:

Size: 5 ml. Tool is 3.1" x 0.4"

Color: Black

Directions: Open cologne bottle cap and its sprayer nozzle. Place refiller bottom hole on top of nozzle. Pump till the refiller is filled which only takes seconds. Watch the product video if you're not sure. Do not fill over the window level or it can leak. 


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