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Black loofah provides an incredible lather to enhance your shower cleansing experience and includes a handle to help with exfoliating and hanging once done.

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Pete & Pedro Sponge Loofah is a great way to enhance your shower cleansing experience. Look, we get it, having a loofah might appear to be girly, but it's not even close. We did some super informal study and found that not only does Alpha use one regularly but over 50% of our customers use one too… not bad, but not enough!

We’re not going to go all Cersei Lannister “shame” if you don’t, but the benefits of a loofah are clear. The top two being they create an amazing lather (way better than your hand will - meaning less wasted body wash) and help scrub away dead dermis for healthier, cleaner skin. Our loofah also is nice size and comes with a handle to help for scrubbing or to hang the loofah once you’re done. 

We recommend changing up your loofah monthly as the shower water and body scrubbing will loosen up the knots. And let's be honest, your bathroom probably isn't the cleanest place in the world! 

Loofah @ a Glance:

Size: 65g

Color: Black with silver

How To Use: In shower, wet loofah and pour a small amount of body wash/soap bar on the loofah, squeeze, and apply to your body in circular movements. Once done, squeeze out excess water and hang in shower after use. Change up your loofah monthly just like your dirty toothbrush!


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