How To Clean Your Body Properly Using Body Wash

Guys, when it comes to using a body wash there are really two different options. Both are okay, but one is way better. The first option is actually taking the body wash, squirting it in their hands, and just rubbing your body using your hands. Not the end of the world, but men end up using way more of the wash than is needed (that means wasted $) as it doesn’t foam up/lather nearly as much as it would if you used a loofah or sponge.

The second better option, is to use a body puff/sponge/loofah as it “activates” the wash to help it lather and sud up big-time. You won’t have to use nearly as much (save money), plus, the loofah gets in those little nooks and crannies that the hand isn’t able to do, and even adds a bit of exfoliation as well getting rid of dead skin.

If you want to look your best, go with a loofah when cleansing, and be sure to change it up once a month too as they do get dirty in the shower.