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ICON is ambitious, yet humble, blending citrus and fruity notes with a heart of melon and marine accord, before settling into a warm, woody base that exudes confidence and allure. *New/Sign-up!* Get 25% OFF when you sign-up to get notified when we launch - click the orange box on the product page!


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ICON by Pete & Pedro is where fresh meets style and elegance in a bottle. Inspired by the incredibly unique (and not to mention priceythe reveal coming soon!, this refined fragrance is a concentrated fantastic blend of infused oils and the finest ingredients. Described as a rich, great vintage, ICON embodies the essence of sophistication, offering a timeless scent that transitions effortlessly from day to evening.

It opens with an invigorating burst of lemon-lime, mandarin, and bergamot, complemented by the fruity allure of pineapple and the freshness of lavender, effortlessly setting the stage for a journey of olfactory delight. As it unfolds, a heart of melon and marine accord emerges, adding depth and complexity that exudes the essence of royalty to the composition. Finally, the fragrance settles into its woody base, where sandalwood, tonka, and musk intertwine to create a warm and inviting aura.

Pete & Pedro ICON is more than just a scent. It's a statement of refinement and sophistication. Whether you're conquering the boardroom or painting the town red, this fragrance is your perfect companion, embodying the essence of cool, classic, confidence. If you’re looking for an impeccable scent to add to your fragrance empire, look no further than ICON!

ICON is an Eau de Parfum making it the highest concentration in men's fragrance... meaning we went all out! The higher the concentration the more intensely noticeable the fragrance will be and the longer it will last. That doesn't mean it will last forever folks, but you'll get a solid generally 4-6 hours from most EDPs.

ICON @ a Glance:

Size: 1.7 oz./50ml

Type: EDP - Eau de Parfum

Inspiration: The Reveal soon!

Top Notes: Lemon-Lime, Bergamot, Mandarin

Middle Notes: Muguet, Lavender, Marine, Melon, Pineapple

Base Notes: Woody, Sandalwood, Mossy, Musk, Tonka

To Use: Spray on pulse points like wrist, neck, or chest. Remember, less is more.

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