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8 Winter Grooming, Hair & Skincare Tips For Men To Stop Dry Skin

8 Winter Grooming, Hair & Skincare Tips For Men To Stop Dry Skin


In this Pedro’s Pointer video/article we discuss how winter is a different beast when it comes to proper men’s grooming and skincare. The reason your hair is more flaky/itchy and your skin is drier in the winter is because there is less humidity in the air - so there’s less moisture for your body to soak up. And, your body and hair crave that stuff!

Here’s 8 grooming advice tips and tricks you can do to help your body and hair during the winter season:

1. Use a moisturizing body wash – not all body washes are created equal. Use one that isn’t going to dry out your skin.

body wash

2. Conditioner – You need to be using a conditioner daily, especially during the winter season. A conditioner will help keep the hair moisturized and the scalp not nearly as dry.

3. Itchy Dry Scalp – similar to a conditioner, if you need a major boost you can try CONTROL Dandruff and Anti-itch treatment which is loaded with ingredients to help.

dandruff treatment

4. Hydrating Shampoo – use a shampoo that is moisturizing and not drying like Hydrate. It is loaded with Argan oil to help keep hair clean and healthy

Hydrate Argan Oil Shampoo

5. Beard Balm – Beardruff is a big winter problem. Keep that scruff happy with a beard balm that will help provide some lotion and conditioning for your beard.

beard balm

6. Lip Balm – Dry lips no more! Use a lip balm so your lips aren’t dry/cracked. That’s never attractive.

7. Moisturizer – Keep that face and body moisturized with a solid face and body moisturizer. Apply them both morning and night and don’t forget about the legs and arms.

8. Showers – Keep them shorter and don’t use scolding hot water as both dry out your skin big-time!

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