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Exfoliating Back Scrubber Loofah

Exfoliating Back Scrubber Loofah makes cleaning your back, feet, and other hard to reach areas easy as can be. No more bacne. A must-have shower tool! 

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Pete & Pedro’s Exfoliating Back Scrubber Loofah is the perfect shower upgrade to get a full-body scrub and hit those hard-to-reach spots in the shower. The exfoliating back scrubber makes cleaning your back, butt, and feet a total breeze. No more bacne!

Don't deal with embarrassing back acne. The super-soft, exfoliating loofah easily unclogs pores to eliminate acne and blemishes. Equipped with two strongly-woven handles for easy maneuvering, the exfoliating back scrubber makes reaching your back in the shower as easy as can be. No more shoulder strains or sore muscles from trying to reach those impossible-to-reach areas!

The exfoliating back scrubber loofah is long, making it ideal for any body type. It has a dual-sided design; one side features a natural loofah for exfoliating grime, while the other uses a microfine cotton towel cloth to massage your skin. Effortlessly exfoliate, remove grease and deep dirt, and leave your skin incredibly smooth and soft.

Don't skip cleaning those hard-to-reach spots, gentlemen. Grab your exfoliating back scrubber loofah and give those impossible-to-reach areas a much-needed cleaning.

Exfoliating Back Scrubber Loofah @ a Glance

  • Dual-Sided Exfoliating & Smoothing Design
  • Sustainable, Hygienic, & Machine Washable
  • Large Surface Area Makes Scrubbing Hard To Reach Areas A Breeze
  • Strong Elastic Handles 
  • Made From All-Natural Loofah & Plush, Ultra-Soft Terry Cloth
  • Size:  31.5''× 4''
  • Made In China

Directions: Shower your body with warm water. Wet the back scrubbing loofah and apply your favorite body wash. Go to town, exfoliating and deep cleansing your skin. Rinse the loofah and hang it to dry. Machine wash as needed.

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