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Portable Folding Large Mirror With Stand

Adjustable, foldable, portable mirror is easy to use, perfect for travel, great for close-ups, and provides a true reflection without distortion. 





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Pete & Pedro Portable Folding Vanity Large Mirror With Stand is the ideal tool for making sure you’re looking amazing at any time. Perfect for manscaping those hard to see areas like back hair, butt hair, and pubic hair. Get up close and personal while trimming nose hairs, and make detailing and shaping those eyebrows a breeze.

The travel mirror fits neatly into your travel bag to make sure you’re always looking your best. The mirror works amazing for camping, hotels, cars, and boats. It’s also not a bad idea to keep one of these bad boys at the office for those lunchtime freshen ups. Bueno hair on the go has never been easier!

Our foldable travel mirror reflects objects without distortion making sure to give you a true reflection for your grooming routine. Features an adjustable stand and foldable design to make sure you can get a bird’s eye view at any angle. Its soft-cushioned cover protects the mirror, no seven years of bad luck here!

Portable Folding Vanity Mirror @ A Glance

  • Size: 16.5 X 12 cm
  • Waterproof & Dirt-Resistant
  • PU Leather With Engraved P&P logo
  • Adjustable Stand, Foldable Design
  • Durable, Soft Cushioned Cover With White Stitching
  • HD Mirror, Reflects Objects Without Distortion
  • Polished Edges For Finished Appearance

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