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Bath & Body Massaging Scrub Brush

The exfoliating massage scrub brush is the most hygienic and durable shower tool available, with two sides for gentle daily cleansing as well as for deep cleans and an amazing soft tissue massage. *NEW*

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Pete & Pedro’s Exfoliating Bath & Body Massaging Scrub Brush easily and gently removes dead skin, dirt, sweat build up, and anything else you can throw at it to not only deep clean, but also exfoliate your skin with ease. Not only that, it provides a gentle massage in the process!

The double sided body brush has one side with long soft bristles for gentle daily scrubbing (perfect with your favorite body wash), and a second side with shorter, stubby bristles for a deeper clean, cellulite redirection, and a gentle, yet effective soft tissue massage.

Far more effective than your hand or that dirty old washcloth, the massaging scrub brush is the sure fire way to take your shower game to the next level. The convex silicone design also provides incredible drop-free grip.

Unlike other tools like your rubber ducky or wooden handle brush that won't last a month before it looks like a moldy, dirty mess, the exfoliating massage brush is built to last. The brush is the most durable and most hygienic body scrub brush tool available! Made from extremely durable silicone, which is super easy to clean and limits bacterial growth, the exfoliating scrub brush can even be boiled to sterilize it completely!

Exfoliating Bath & Body Massaging Scrub Brush @ A Glance

  • Long Lasting, High Quality Silicone Bristles
  • Sustainable, Hygienic, & Easy To Clean
  • Size: 4.88 x 2.91 x 1.65 inches; 3.99 Ounces

Directions: Rinse your body with warm water for at least 2 minutes. Wet the brush head and apply your favorite body wash. Rub the brush with your hand to build up the perfect lather. Go to town exfoliating and deep cleansing your you skin. Rinse the brush and hang to dry.

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