Help Me Pick The Right Styling Aid:

Build Your Kit Step 5

Shampoo Brush For Men
Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush
Scalp massager shampoo hair brush feels awesome and has additional benefits to boot like deep cleansing your hair and helping to reduce scalp itch and dandruff. Get one. 

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Cologne Refill Spray Travalo
Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer
Clever tool makes it super easy to take your favorite fragrance with you anywhere without bringing and likely breaking the entire, clunky, expensive bottle.  Spayer comes empty.

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Men's Hair Comb
Limited Edition 7" Retro Hair Comb
Retro comb has the cool tortoise shell design and the premium acetate makes it feel great in hand or hair. Emblazoned with P&P logo and name.

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Men's Dopp Kit & Toiletry Bag
Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag
Top-shelf travel toiletry bag emblazoned with our logo has all the bells and whistles a gent needs (big, hook, multiple sections, handle) to take his favorite grooming products on the road. 

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