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The Core Four Hairstyling Kit

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Kit makes finding the perfect styling aid a breeze... and for less. Bundle will save you $12, nearly 20% versus if purchased separately. Includes Putty, SALT, Paste, and Clay.

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Pete & Pedro Core Four Hairstyling Kit includes our styling aid staples and is the best way to try out our top hair styling products for less. If you are trying to figure out which styling aid to grab, our core four likely hits the mark for the majority of men's hair. The kit will save you $12! (nearly 20%) versus if you purchased all of the items individually.

The Core Four Hairstyling Kit Includes:

1. Putty (high hold/low shine) - legendary Putty is a must for any man's hair arsenal. Make sure to emulsify (work it hard in your hands) before using!

2. Clay (medium hold/no shine) - a little bit creamery than most Clays, this styling aid delivers great hold with zero shine.

3. Paste (medium hold/medium shine) - just the perfect all-around styling aid for the gent looking for some hold and shine.

4. SALT Travel Size (great for texture, volume, shine) - a must-have add-on pre-styling aid spray to enhance your Bueno Hair! Adds amazing texture, volume, and a touch of shine.


The Core Four Hairstyling Products Kit @ a Glance:

Size: All 2 oz.

To Use: Please visit the respective product page on how to use each, especially the Putty. SALT is a perfect combo product pre-styler for all three styling aids.


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Customer Reviews

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Awesome products, easy to use and great results

Tried all 3 styling product

I wanted to try all the styling product before making an honest review. Compared to the other premium haircare products, Pete & Pedro doesn’t hold up to the competition. I wish I didn’t spend all that money on the core four because all the products were average except for the sea salt spray. I wish I could have refunded the product or at least exchange it. It’s unfortunate I’m stuck with all this product that I don’t really like. I wanted to support Alpha, but should of went with BluMaan instead or Moroccanoil texture clay.

Core Four Styling Kit

I asked customer support if it were possible to swap a “paste” with a “cream” and Mike made it happen! Pete and Pedro, Thank You!!!

Nice set, good value.

Got this set cause I was curious about the other products, as I have used only clay. Haven't needed a new batch for years (I use very little), my last one was before the rebranding and still had the donkey sticker on the top. Products all smell great, and appear "whiter" (might be my old clay had gotten darker over time). Clay is still the smoothest in application, even though it sort of thickens hair when it gets in, stays soft all day. Paste feels tackier/stickier, seems like it has more hold than clay (well maybe it just has more control), I don't find it shiny at all. Putty is a little different, it is sort of a thicker waxy feel, gives hair a different look, not as sticky as the paste, but hold is a little stronger, cause of how it coats the hair. For my fine, but thicker hair, clay still works the best for me, I'd use the putty maybe when I have shorter hair for spiky or stand up sort of styles, or if I really want control for a comb over or slick back. Paste, seems to occupy same niche as clay, but maybe better for someone with different hair type (not so fine hair). Be nice to switch it out for cream (which I used in the paste and like for when my hair got longer) just for a different feel. Maybe an option in the future to pick the three would be cool. Salt I used once, seems good for helping get more volume when you blow dry if that's what you are after. I'll try using it on its own just to see if it can work like that, more texture for clean hair with no other products, some days you just don't feel like having product in your hair (I used a grooming tonic in the paste like that in the paste for lazy days, its like a leave in conditioner, salt is more of a leave in texturizer). Good value overall if you look at prices, nice to try everything. A sampler set (smaller tubs, but more of them) would be cool.


I love the way they all do different things/styles! Thanks Mr. Marino!

Ps great videos!