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Promotional kit includes an incredible cologne of your choice + a FRESH Ball Powder + a FRESH Deodorant for only $50 ($33 off - retails for $83). Use code: MENSHOULD33 to get the kit $33 off for a total price of $50 for the kit! Only available to US/CA Customers.


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MUST USE CODE: MENSHOULD33 to get the kit $33 OFF so it is $50. One code per order can be used. One per customer only.
Only available to US/CA customers. Sorry international fans!
Should men grab this sweet limited-time promotion... hell yeah! Smelling amazing is an absolute must gentlemen. Everybody remembers the stinky kid in school. Don't be the stinky kid!
THE DEAL: Grab any one cologne (REBEL, HERO, KING, VILLAIN, LEGEND) + a Natural Fresh Deodorant + a Fresh Balls & Body Powder at an incredible discount.  
Just add this kit to your cart and make sure to use code MENSHOULD33 to get it for $50 ($33 off - retails for $83)
-1 Cologne of your choice (REBEL, KING, LEGEND, VILLAIN, or HERO)
-1 Fresh Ball Powder
-1 Fresh Deodorant
FRESH Deodorant The most badass natural, aluminum-free, fresh eucalyptus and spearmint deodorant on the planet will keep your pits fresh and irritation-free all day long!
FRESH Balls & Body Powder Body & Balls Powder quickly absorbs moisture and sweat and protects the body from chafing and irritation for long-lasting, all-day comfort.
REBEL EDPStarting with an infatuating citrus blend, the fragrance seductively, turns warm and mysterious. Lasting notes of woods, musk, and spice leave their mark inspiring you to seize the day and conquer the night.
HERO EDP Scintillating scent starts off with citrus and aromatic notes that more than make their mark. The formula then finishes with a more daring mix of earthy, spice, and woods that everyone will absolutely love.
KING EDPLegendary scent opens with fresh grassy spice notes that intertwine with a dash of citrus. As the scent matures, aromatic notes transition to lasting musk & woods accords that mingle magnificently with the incredible freshness at the start.
VILLAIN EDPThe wicked scent starts off with an alluring burst of spice; however, the clever transition and base notes of tobacco, vanilla, and woods make this powerful potion legendary.
LEGEND EDP Spicy,  warm, and unlike any other! Citrus and spices give way to a rich, luscious leather intensified by a subtle yet smooth combo of earthy, woods, tonka, and floral accords.