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Alpha Body Kit

Promotional kit includes a FRESH Body Bar + a FRESH Ball Powder + a FRESH Deodorant for $17 off (so only $30- retails for $47). Use code: BODYKIT17 to get the kit for $17 off - so only $30.

*Ships Out In One Business Day!*


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MUST USE CODE: BODYKIT17 to get the kit $17 OFF so it is only $30 (retails for $47 prior to deal). One code per order can be used. One per customer only.

All gents should grab this sweet limited-time promotion from Alpha M.. Smelling amazing is an absolute must, guys. Everybody remembers the stinky kid in school. Don't be the stinky kid!

THE DEAL: Grab a Fresh Body Bar + a Natural Fresh Deodorant + a Fresh Balls & Body Powder at an incredible discount.  

Just add this kit to your cart and make sure to use code: BODYKIT17 to get it for $17 off/$30 (retails for $47)


-1 Fresh Body Bar

-1 Fresh Ball Powder

-1 Fresh Deodorant


FRESH Deodorant The most badass natural, aluminum-free, fresh eucalyptus and spearmint deodorant on the planet will keep your pits fresh and irritation-free all day long!

FRESH Balls & Body Powder Body & Balls Powder quickly absorbs moisture and sweat and protects the body from chafing and irritation for long-lasting, all-day comfort.

Fresh Body Soap Bar - The best natural body bar soap, bar none, hydrates galore, lightly exfoliates, and smells amazing with a fresh eucalyptus mint scent.