Pedro's Pointers: Which Body Parts Do Men Forget To Trim Regularly?

When it comes to good grooming there are certain hairs that get overlooked quite often and the reason is because when men look in the mirror from a bit away they don’t see their nose hair or ear hair sticking out. Or, maybe you just don’t think those hairs are as important to cleanup as the back or privates. Big mistake!

When you develop your weekly grooming routine you have to add a few things to the rotation which includes trimming your nose and ears hair regularly, especially because as you get older hair starts to grow in weird places. So, grab a nose and ear trimmer tool and get up there and get around at least once a week.

You might even start to get some hairs on the outside of your ears, don’t forget that area, too. Make sure to ask your barber to trim your ear hair too. That’s part of their job!

Trust us, don’t be the crazy old dude with crazy long ear hairs and nose hairs. It is embarrasing and we promised to never be that guy and we don't want you to be him either!