Which Should I Use Between A Pomade vs. Hair Gel?

Choosing a hairstyling product is never easy, especially when you're choosing between a pomade and hair gel. So, let's review the differences and when you should use one versus the other.

Pomades are versatile and can be used for pretty much any hairstyle. If you want your hair to be shiny and held in place with some added texture, pomade is a great option to go with. They are also great for men with coarse, thick, kinky hair as it will add some softness and a lot of shine.

Pomades are old-school (but still awesome) and are what your grandfather used, and his grandfather used! If you want to rock a pompadour, slick-back or side part, and you want your hair to have high shine with a neat and tidy look, pomade is the way to go. Also, there are a variety of pomades, choose one that is water-based so that it washes out of your hair easier, oil-based ones while they do work, can be really annoying to wash out.

One product that is usually easy to wash out is hair gel. Gels generally have a thinner consistency and have a super strong hold and work better with men with thinner hair vs a pomade, as pomades can clump the hair more than a gel will. Men still need to be careful with both if the gel is too strong meaning you might need to grab a cream which is a lighter hold, but a gel will work better than a pomade in this situation. If you want to lock her hair in place all day and have it not move a gel is probably the best way to go as they are usually big-time hold and high shine too. If you want you hair to standup or be spiky, a gel would be a better option.