Pedro's Pointers: Where Is The Best Cut-Off Point For Growing & Trimming A Beard?

Growing a beard can be fun, but the hard part is the maintaining of the beard! The only way a beard can look its best is if you know where to trim your neckline because this is one of the biggest mistakes men make when shaping/shaving their beard. To trim correctly, face the mirror, take your finger and put it right above your Adams Apple. Anything above the finger you leave (and trim/maintain/groom), and anything below you just shave off... that's the cut-off point! This strategy works because you don’t want all the neck fat hanging out, and the hair camouflages it, and your chin and jaw appear stronger which is a solid men’s look. Don’t forget to grab a beard oil and beard balm to keep your facial hair soft and healthy and so you don’t get beardruff and itchiness.