Pedro's Pointers: What Should You Do If You Start Losing Your Hair?

Look, hair loss sucks. There’s no way to sugar coat it and it is an unfortunate reality for many men. So, here’s some quick tips to help keep your dome happy if you just can’t embrace baldom just yet. The best thing to do would be to grab Rogaine/Propecia, those are technically like the brand names of minoxidil/finasteride and they do work for many guys. We’ve seen it. They help regrow the hair and generally, the sooner you start the better. But, remember this is a treatment, if you stop using it chances are your hair will start going bye-bye again. It is not a cure. So, you should definitely talk to a doctor about your hair loss options, especially if you’re self-conscious about it. You can also look for volume/strengthening shampoos which can be great for guys with thinning hair. They will help make the strands stronger and therefore a tad thicker/healthier looking, but again there’s no magic to curing the hair loss. Take a look at Bosley and you can also consider a hair transplant which can be very effective. There are a variety of options out there, take a look online and talk to your doctor.