Pedro's Pointers: What Should I Do About My Combover?

When you start to lose your hair you will freak out a bit and try a bunch of different products and hairstyles to cover up the bald spots, but the reality is it just doesn’t look natural or in style when you do those things. So...don’t fear it. Embrace it. It’s time to let it go and embrace the bald!

Therefore, the first rule to combat a combover is admitting that you actually have one! Then, from there you can actually come up with a strategy to maximize your handsomeness while minimizing your hair loss look. The best way to do that is to take your hair really short, like buzzin’ short all over, but especially on the sides and back where the hair still can grow quickly and heavy.

Once you do that you’ll want to add a little interest and dimension to your face like growing a short beard or similar. If you can manage to keep the beard the same length as the hair on the sides it will look great. Another way to add some additional interest to your face is to always have a cool pair of glasses or sunglasses handy. No combover fellas!