Pedro's Pointers: What Products Should You Always Keep In Your Car?

Solid grooming just doesn't start and finish at the home, gentleman. Grooming while on the road is just as essential to looking your best. Here's our top grooming products and tools you should always have handy in your car just in case you need them. 

1. Dental floss – never know when you’ll have something stuck in your teeth. And, no spicy senorita thinks a big gunk of food stuck there is attractive!
2. Tweezer – a good pluck or two using the car mirror is always ideal and the car lighting actually makes it really easy.
3. Chapstick – Stay away from the kinds that will melt, but having some chapstick to moisten up those dry lips is critical.
4. Butt wipes – Yep. You’ll thank us later that we mentioned this one! 
5. Fingernail/toenail clippers – A last minute clip of those nasty nails can make all the difference, especially if you’re in warm weather and wear sandals a lot.
6. Mouthwash – bad breath is never a good thing!