Pedro's Pointers: The Best & SECRET Way To Eliminate Razor Burn & Ingrown Hairs!

Gentleman, if you take advantage of this one amazing shave tip (that's almost kinda of a secret since most guys don't know about it) you will be able to dramatically improve your shaves and get rid of shaving irritation including redness, razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. 

What is it… it’s using a pre-shave oil which is the best way to prevent all the above mentioned because the pre-shave oil provides incredible razor glide for the razor so that it doesn’t tug against the beard hair and cut and irritate the skin. The now super smooth shave will prevent you from getting redness and any irritation.

Just take a few drops of the pre-shave oil and apply it on the beard and neck area, and then apply your shaving cream on top of it. Then shave. You’ll notice the amazing difference right away as the shave will be so much smoother!

Pre-shave oils are also great for detailing for mustaches, beard, and goatees as they are translucent. One other big shaving tip to reduce shaving irritation is the type of razor you use. Use a safety razor and therefore one pass each time is typically better than cartridge razors that have a lot of blades as they can cut and tug more often.