Pedro's Pointers: How & When Do I Use A Sea Salt Spray/Pre-Styler?

Sea salt spray will change your hair life as it adds volume, texture, and amazingness to your hair. If you're somebody who is sick and tired of your hair always falling down and not ever giving it the life that you feel that it should, a sea salt could be an excellent option. Sea salt spray is also amazing for dealing with bed head.

Alpha wasn’t a big believer in sea salt spray for a looong time. Then, he tried it with a few spritzes and bang his hair looked incredible. He was hooked. Sea salt is generally used as a pre-styler - meaning you use it before applying your styling aid to your hair. The way that Alpha uses Pete & Pedro’s SALT – our Sea Salt Spray is as follows:

  1.  After a shower he towel dries his hair pretty well.
  2.  He grabs SALT and give about four to six squirts, making sure to really get it in the hair.
  3. Then, he applies his styling product (usually Putty), followed by using a hair dryer to blow his hair into place.
  4. Finally, he adds a little more styling product just to give it a little more hold.
  5. Boom. Bueno Hair!