Pedro's Pointers: How & When Do I Use A Sea Salt Spray/Pre-Styler?

An amazing Sea Salt Spray is an absolute game changer when it comes to adding volume, texture, and thickness to your luscious locks. Whether you have thin hair, curly hair, or a majestic mane, a great pre-styling spray will help take your hair game from good to next-level!

Why Sea Salt Spray?

Sea Salt for your hair may seem a bit strange, but rest assured its benefits go way beyond just spicing up that steak you pulled out for dinner. What can Sea Salt Spray do for your hair?

  1. Add volume, texture, and thickness

  2. Naturally absorb oil, sweat, and dirt from your hair

  3. Contains vitamin and mineral rich sea kelp to keep hair moisturized and healthy

  4. Provide light hold throughout the day

  5. Add low shine for amazing, but not wet, looking hair

      How to Use The Sea Salt Spray:

      Your bottle of Sea Salt Spray has just arrived? Awesome! Here’s how to put it to work for you:

      1. Fresh out of the shower, lightly towel dry your hair. NOT TOO ROUGH!

      2. Apply the Sea Salt Spray - between 3-5 sprays depending on length.

      3. If you use a blow dryer, now is the time. Use a concentrator nozzle if possible and angle the blow dryer upward pointing at the root. This will maximize your volume. Also, applying a light hold at the root allows you to lock in your style without weighing your hair down.

      4. If you use another product such as a paste or pomade, apply after the drying phase. The amount will again depend on length, but typically a dime sized amount should do just fine.

      Pro Tip: It never hurts to have a travel size bottle of Sea Salt Spray in the car and at the office to touch up throughout the day if needed.

      The world of pre-stylers is quite possibly the best kept secret in men’s grooming, but not anymore. Give your hair the treatment it deserves, and have a great hair day, every day.