Pedro's Pointers: How To Stop Having Beardruff & Get Rid Of An Itchy Beard?

Guys, here’s the deal. Beards can be really itchy, especially once you start to let it grow and possibly give up. That first couple of weeks is the toughest part. Don’t shave it! Beards are badass but you have to know how to take care of it otherwise the itch and irritation will become too unbearable.

The first best tip to help with beard happiness is to grab a beard oil. A beard oil goes in there and conditions the hair making it softer so your partner will be very happy when they go in for a kiss! Oils are simple to use, just drop a couple of drops onto your hands and then rub it into your beard, and don’t forget the mustache because it can get flakey and itchy too. The beard oil will help soften the beard hair and, this is key, it also goes deeper helping reduce the itchiness and redness in the skin underneath.

The other key tip is to grab is a beard balm. Beard balms are like a leave-in conditioner that will help soften and moisturize the hair and even provide a bit of styling and hold. It’s sorta like a hair product for your beard. Grab a bit, warm it up between your hands and then apply to your beard. You’ll be super pumped and notice the difference right away.