Pedro's Pointers: How To Be MORE Productive @ Work & In Life

The #1 tip is to get the most important task done first. For Aaron, as a content creator, he jams that out first thing in the early morning so that the other “smaller” tasks while still important, can be done in due time. So, prioritize your day with getting the most important task done first. You will feel better the rest of the day and when your energy zaps in the afternoon you can tackle those smaller types of tasks that don’t require the same effort as your big/most important one.

Also, Aaron is really good at jamming out all his emails in his inbox. He doesn’t let them sit there and read them five times before doing anything. He gets too many emails so while his answers are short, they are timely and accurate and move the process along so he and his employees can do what they need to do to move forward. So, don’t sit on a mountain of emails, just wasting your time reading the same ones again and again. If you can tackle it, knock it off the list.