Pedro's Pointers: Are Loofahs/Sponges Too Girly For Men To Use?

While the loofah we carry is more like a shower body puff, we're calling it a loofah as it sounds a little cooler and it’s something that not only your girlfriend most likely uses but men should be using as well.

The reason is because body washes were designed to be used with a loofah. When you apply the wash to the loofah it actually starts to foam up all these little nooks and crannies that help activate the body wash. The other big upside is that it will actually help scrub your body getting rid of dead skin as opposed to simply putting the body wash on your hands or using a regular bar of soap.

Pete and Pedro Loofah is an amazingly high-quality loofah and does an amazing job of exfoliating dead skin on all the body part areas you need to reach. And, hey, if you’re looking for a manly loofah, ours is black/gray which means it’s tough compared to all the pink flower stuff out there!