10 Steps, Tips & Products For Perfect Men's Hair

Gentlemen, we all strive for it. The one day out of so many where everything just fits together. Your outfit is sharp, your skin is glowing, and your hair... absolutely breathtaking. The Perfect Hair Day.

Those days seem so few and far in between though. Most mornings are a constant struggle, rigorous amounts of combing and even more obscene amounts of product just to have it fall flat. It doesn’t have to be this way. Guys, here’s the 10 easy steps/products/tips you need to use to unlock those luscious locks and get the perfect hair.

Clean & Hydrate

#1 Shampoo 

We all know this one, clean hair is happy hair. But, here’s a little secret guys… and it’s even bad for our business! You probably don’t need to be shampooing every single day. There’s nothing wrong with taking a day off. If your hair is greasy, then go for every day. But, if it tends towards dry, shampooing every other day is probably a good thing.

The reason is your hair builds up natural oils and the job of shampoo is to break down the buildup. However, these natural oils are good for your hair in moderation. By constantly stripping your hair, it’s more prone to feeling dry and dead. Consequently, your body attempts to compensate for the lack of oil, leaving your head a grease pit. No Bueno!

#2 Conditioner 

A foreign concept to many dudes, conditioner is a very important component to maintaining healthy hair. Rather than opening the hairs cuticle as shampoo does, conditioner closes the cuticle. This locks in nutrients and keeps pollutants out, ensuring hair that is strengthened, looks smooth, and feels soft. Don’t forget this step, a conditioner is essential to any guy’s hair routine and should be used nearly daily.

#3 Towel Drying Hair 

Your hair takes a beating throughout the day, and you may even be the one who starts that beating! After hopping out of the shower, most guys vigorously towel dry their hair in an effort to get a quick, time-saving dry. You’re actually doing more harm than good when doing that. Aggressively rubbing your hair with the towel can cause breakage, as your hair is already weakened from being wet. This can aid in your hair losing its thickness. Be gentle with towel drying. A good technique is to pat dry the hair, which will be much less taxing in the long run. 


#4 Treat - Argan Oil & Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil has been used by generations of men and women to achieve sexy-looking hair. Because it is so rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, argan oil should be a crucial part in hair grooming maintenance. After using an Argan Oil (or Argan Oil Shampoo in #1) hair will be softer, shinier, stronger, silky-smooth and more manageable because it is fully hydrated and conditioned. Using an argan oil as part of your hair routine (or when needed) will help you maximize your Bueno Hair potential.

#5 Prestylers/Sea Salt Spray

If you really want to take your hairstyle to the next level, invest in a good prestyler. Having a base layer before adding your finishing styling product can give you that model looking hair we all dream of having. You have many options; mousses, serums, and the best is sea salt spray. These products will give your hair added thickness, volume, and texture. Pete & Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray, is an absolute game changer and you will absolutely notice a difference in your hair.


#6 Heat Protection 

The last of the prestylers or shall we say prep-stylers is a Heat Protection Spray. Hair is very fragile and if you're using a heat tool like a hair dryer you need to make sure your hair is prepped with a shield spray so the heat doesn't damage your strands. Grab PROTECT Heat Shield Spray which is loaded with Keratin & more goodies to act as a force field from the hair dryer's heat. 

Putty & Clay

#7 Styling Aids 

Men’s styling products come in so many shapes and sizes. There are a ton of different types of aids ranging in hold, texture, and shines. Many modern men’s hairstyles call for a matte look which you can find with clay, fiber, and putty (our #1 top seller). However, the slick look of side parts and pompadours are also making a resurgence. You can achieve these looks with pomades and hair creams. No matter what product you decide to use, one idea holds true; less is more. Adding too much product to your hair causes your hair to be greasy and is a waste of product. The safest route is to start off with a small amount and add as needed.

Men's Hair Dryer

#8 Hair Dryer 

Men’s hair styling was revolutionized when guys raided their girlfriend’s hairdryers! Hairdryers allow for bigger, bolder hairstyles by adding insane amounts of volume and helping of course to dry and keep the hair in place. It is a critical tool to have in any men’s hair arsenal. The best hair dryers will have multiple settings for heat and intensity. When using one, put the heat on a medium setting, one that is neither cold nor scorching hot as the heat can damage your hair. Also, the hair dryer doesn’t have to be right next to your hair, give it some space so again you don’t damage your hair.

#9 Hair Spray 

After what feels like ages, you finally got your hair styled the way you want it to. You’re ready to go out on the town. You walk out the front door and boom, a gust of wind blows by and your hair style is all messed up. Yikes! You frantically search for a mirror and start trying to fix your mane. You repeat this process way too many times throughout the day… or worse, just give up. Hair spray might just be your best friend! It can help keep even the most complicated styles locked in place all day long with little to no movement. Pete & Pedro FREEZE Hair Spray achieves this and more without the added stickiness or stiffness, providing you with a great lasting look all day long. Set it and forget it fellas.

#10 Hair Mask 

Not too many men know about a hair mask. Hair masks are designed to deep condition your hair. Think of it as a conditioner on ‘roids. Masks are a great way to revitalize and strengthen dry, damaged and brittle hair especially. Masks will moisturize and protect hair fiber and is a fantastic way to make your hair much more manageable and soft. While not at the top of the list of hair products to grab for most gents, trying out a mask might be more than a worthwhile investment.

Men's Barbershop

#11 Bonus  Hair Cut 

Last but definitely not least, get a haircut! Getting a fresh haircut is one of the best feelings in the world. You will look better and feel younger. Ideally, you should be getting one every two to three weeks. Make an appointment with your barber or stylist at the end of your cut. This way, you are guaranteed a slot and already have the next cut on your books.

A vital skill to learn is how to talk to your barber or stylist. Learn the terminology like fades and tapers. Decide the style you want to go for before your visit. Look up a style you like (maybe a famous person) and show them a picture of what you’re looking for. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So true.


Gentlemen, it’s time to take your hair game to the next level. Using these steps and men's hair tips will not only make your hair healthier, but they will make you look absolutely amazing and help you achieve your desired hair style. You are officially on your way to perfecting those luscious locks and gaining that sexy, model-like hair all men deserve.