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Razor Blades - 5 Pack

Razor Blades - 5 Pack

 Premium platinum safety razor blades made of German machinery and Swedish steel go perfectly with our safety razor.

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Pete & Pedro Razor Blades are not our own...sorry we haven't purchased a steel factory yet. But, we're super excited to carry Parker safety razor blades which frankly are awesome for your wet shaving career. These razor platinum blades of stainless steel are honed perfectly via German machinery before the edges are plated with a special polymer via Swedish steel manufacturing. To make a long story short, the process makes these razor blades unbelievable great and your shaves extremely smooth and comfortable. Fits all standard double-edge razors including our own of course.

Razor Blades @ a glance:

Size: 5 Pack

Type: Fits all double-edged razors

Steel: Stainless