Help Me Pick The Right Styling Aid:

Build Your Kit Step 5(a) Hair Tools

Shampoo Brush For Men
Scalp Massager Shampoo Hair Brush
Scalp massager shampoo hair brush feels awesome and has additional benefits to boot like deep cleansing your hair and helping to reduce scalp itch and dandruff. Get one. 

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classic cushion pin brush
Classic Cushion 9 Row Men's Hair Brush (New)
Our classic 9 row styling hair brush is perfect for creating tension when shaping and styling, and works amazingly for blow drying, detangling, and defining curls. *NEW*

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mens paddle brush comb
Paddle Detangle Hair Brush
Barbershop quality paddle brush is equipped with an oversized soft head design perfect for long and thicker hair.  Gentle nylon wide pins glide through your hair like butter and make detangling that bueno hair a total breeze.

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mens military style beard hair brush
Oval Military Men's Hair & Beard Brush
Loaded with over two thousand bristles, super versatile oval military hair and beard brush effectively styles and grooms your hair, beard, mustache, and more.

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Men's Hair Comb
Limited Edition 7" Retro Hair Comb
Retro comb has the cool tortoise shell design and the premium acetate makes it feel great in hand or hair. Emblazoned with P&P logo and name.

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wide tooth detangling comb
Wide Tooth Detangling Men's Comb
Wide Tooth Detangling Comb is designed to eliminate knots and tangles  without the tugging or pulling. Perfect for fragile wet hair, comb glides with ease reducing damage while doing an amazing job distributing product.

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mens hair beard mustache comb
Pocket Hair, Beard, & Mustache Double-Sided Comb
Dual-sided strong, sturdy, pocket-sized comb is equipped with fine & coarse teeth to tackle, style, and detangle every type of hair, beard, or mustache.

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