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Classic Cushion Hair Brush & Comb Set

Premium brush and comb, both emblazoned with the P&P logo, partner up to provide all the tools a guy needs in his hair arsenal. 

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Pete & Pedro Classic Hair Brush & Comb Set is a must have for your hair grooming arsenal. We feel every man needs an amazing brush and comb, so we decided to offer these two sexy sidekicks emblazoned with the P&P logo in one amazingly priced set.

Classic 9 Row Styling & Detangling Brush is our classic 9 row styling hair brush is perfect for creating tension when shaping and styling, and works amazingly for blow drying, detangling, and defining curls.

Retro Hair Comb 7" is our updated version of the classic tortoise shell comb that our dads and grandfathers used to style their hair. We have taken this timeless classic and given it a modern makeover with a slim/sleek design. And instead of cheap old plastic, we have built this bad boy out of a high quality acetate for greater control and a sturdier feel.