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Gents & Ladies,

I don't do this often, but I'm asking for a favor.

The reality is reviews matter, so if you tried Super Fresh Deodorant I ask that you do us a favor and write an honest review. We know guys and gals are loving the deodorant, and it's a super duper important product to our company's success, so it will mean so much to me and the Pete & Pedro team.
And, of course, any good deed shouldn't go unrewarded! If you do write that review we're going to send you a coupon for 50% OFF your next Super Fresh Deodorant (1 only). That's right, 50% off - we're not messing around!


1. Go To Super Fresh Deodorant Product Page

2. Write An Honest Review

3. We'll email you directly in 24-48 Hours with a coupon code for 50% off one Super Fresh only. It does expire at the end of the month so don't wait too long.

4. That's it!

Thanks again for your amazing support. Now stay Super Fresh and write that review!

Bueno Hair,

Aaron & The P&P Team