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Men's Shaving Set - The Complete Shave Kit

4.8 star rating 16 Reviews
Our shave kit includes our entire lineup of shaving products to ensure happy shaving is a daily ritual. Getting the set saves you $14, over 10%!   

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Pete & Pedro The Complete Shave Kit is the cat's meow of shaving sets. If you're going to shave - shave with the best gentleman. Our set includes our entire lineup of shaving products to ensure happy shaving is a daily morning ritual. Great gift too.  Getting the kit saves you $14, over 10%!   

The Shave Kit Includes:

Safety Razor - Premium twist-to-open double-edged razor (includes a pack of free blades).

Shave Brush - Badger Brush with uber-soft bristles comes with a black handle and chrome base. Stand included.

Pre-Shave Oil - Unscented pre-shave oil is a shave's secret weapon. Apply and watch razor gliding magic happen in your soon to be pain-free shaves.

Shave Cream - Luxurious lathering superstar eucalyptus mint shave cream protects big time. Can be used with or without a brush.

Aftershave Splash - Cool and refresh just-shaved tender skin with a eucalyptus mint tonic that cools, soothes, heals and pampers dermis galore.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

This is not only a great value, but also great quality.

Getting use to it!

After a couple of shaves now, will not be going back to anything else. Love the shave and all the products!! I will be promoting the hell out of the kit!! Thanks for what you do my friend!!


The Complete Shave Kit

High quality

High quality razor and products that do not disappoint

Shave Kit


Razor: I have never used a single blade razor before. It's tough to learn and is going to take some time to get use to but the shave is so smooth and clean. Never had a closer shave since the Marine Corps.

Brush: I have used a lathering brush before. P&P's brush just feels so much better. It's thicker and fuller and feels amazing on the face.

Shave cream: I love the concept of pumping the shaving cream into the cup, saves on access cream and I don't have to clean my hands.

Pre shave: I wish it was a pump action like the shave cream but maybe that would clog the straw and spray? Not sure but I wish it was. I tend to waste too much pre shave but not a big deal to me. I love the scent and it rubs into the facial hair very nicely.

Aftershave: first time using the blade I cut my neck and face in a few areas. Needless to say when I applied the aftershave I felt like I was living the moment in "Home Alone" haha. It stung a little bit. But the aroma is amazing and my girlfriend surely enjoyed it too.

Overall: VERY Great products, high quality and makes you feel like a mans man. Super satisfied with the overall results and I love the scents.

Thanks for creating another wonderful product.