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Stoneware Shave Mug

Ebony monster-sized stoneware shave mug emblazoned with the P&P logo is the perfect accessory to create the most amazing shave lather.

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Pete & Pedro Apothecary Stoneware Shave Mug is the perfect accessory to create the most amazing lather for your next shave - ideally with either of our shave soaps! Since it is extra-wide, the mug guarantees any big-ass shave soap puck can fit firmly inside and stay warm while whipping up a nice lather. 

Emblazoned with the famous P&P logo (are we famous yet?), the beautiful ebony mug has a sure grip and is handmade in the USA.  Gentleman, the quality can not be beat. It's heavy weight allows for amazing heat retention, while its tapered design allows it to be used for any size shave brush.

The mug can handle shave soaps up to 3 inches round (most shave mugs can usually only handle about 2.5 inches).

Shave Mug @ a Glance

Width: 4"

Height: 4"

Depth: 5"

Weight: 12 oz.

Color: Black/Ebony

Scent: It's a mug. No scent!