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Shave Essentials kit

Essentials kit is our money-saving bundle of our must-have shave products for an amazing shave. By getting it as a trio you save $6 bucks (10%) versus if purchased separately!


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Pete & Pedro Shave Essentials Kit is our money-saving shave essentials trio bundle of our key products for an amazing shave. You're going to shave over 10,000 times in your life fellas so you might as well do it with only the best. By getting the products as a trio you save some major $$$ too - $6 (10%) versus if purchased separately!

Shave Cream is a natural artisan crafted translucent shave cream that is uber-rich and super-lubricating, creating a thick and luxurious lather that protects and pampers skin big-time. The formula is super-concentrated so all it takes is one pump for each shave! 

Pre-shave Oil is a shave’s secret weapon. The pre-shave provides an amazingly slick surface to improve razor glide, helping prevent razor burn, ingrowns, and bumps. Unscented shave oil also softens stubble to minimize razor-tugging for an ultra-smooth shave. Last but definitely not least, the solution is translucent so it is perfect for detailing mustaches and goatees too. 

After Shave Balm is a "soothe" operator. Aftershave is an uber-hydrating, skin-soothing master that heals, cools, and refreshes just-shaved skin like no other balm. Packed with a whole bunch of organic ingredients including aloe, vitamins, and essential oils, our balm puts all sorts of shaving irritation to rest (razor burn, redness, etc.).

Shave Essentials Kit @ a Glance:

Size: 4 oz. Balm & Shave Cream, 2 oz. Oil

Scent: Shave Cream - Eucalyptus Mint, Balm & Oil Unscented

To Use: Apply a few pumps into hand and massage into beard. Follow with shave cream for max protection. Shave. End with aftershave balm applying to face and neck after shave.


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