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Custom Silver Signet Ring (Choose Letter)

Hand crafted ring with 100% (.925) sterling silver, this is the ring you see Alpha wear in all his videos! Aaron's been wearing his Letter Ring for years... there is no better way to customize your style than with a personalized ring.


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Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the same ring Aaron Marino/Alpha M. wears in all of his videos? Now is your chance! Watch the video above/below where Aaron gives all the scoop on these handmade rings!

Pete & Pedro Monogram Signet Ring is hand crafted by Nobles Metales with 100% (.925) Sterling Silver! The clean lines of the ring give it a strikingly powerful look that ring holders constantly rave about. You simply pick the letter you want - lower case or upper case along with a few other options - and in a few short weeks you'll have in hand (or on finger!) your signature piece of jewelry and favorite accessory. Aaron's been wearing his "m." for years! If there is one ring to rule them all...this is it.

These rings are not mass produced. Instead, they are handmade one by one with production time taking on average of 4 weeks. Made with approximately 23 grams of sterling silver, this is a unique piece of jewelry to treasure and wear with pride.

Ordering Instructions:

1. On the product page: Choose the Standard or Large options

2. On the product page:  Choose Ring Finger Size (reference the international chart too above or below) If you're not sure we strongly recommend going to a local jewelry store to help find your exact 

3. On the product page:  Choose Upper or Lower Case Letter

4. On the product page:  Choose the specific Letter you want (see images for what each letter looks like)

5. Place Order. We'll personally follow-up to confirm it and if you have any questions. This item will not ship with the rest of the items on the order if you order other stuff. Wait about 4 weeks and you'll have an awesome ring!

Ring @ a Glance:

Silver: 100% (.925) Sterling Silver!

Shipping Time: The ring is made to custom order and will ship in about 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience! We will contact you updated info separately for the ring once you place the order.

No Returns: This item is non-refundable/returnable due to the handmade precision and time it takes to complete.

Design: Note that there is a period after your letter for extra style points like "a."

Finger Size: If you're not sure we strongly recommend going to a local jewelry store to help find your exact finger size. You can reference our international ring chart above/below too.

Large Dimensions: 18mm x 18mm

Standard Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm


1. Shipping Time: Takes about 4 weeks to complete

2. These rings are non-refundable.