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Pedro Stress Squeeze Ball

 Pedro shaped stress squeeze ball is the perfect little fun stuffer for big fans of P&P, fidgety folks, and/or those who are a little stressed out right now and need a soothing therapeutic happy donkey hanging by their table side. 


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The P&P Pedro Stress Squeeze Ball is the perfect little stuffer for gents who are big fans of P&P and/or are just a little stressed out right now (which is basically everyone). Stress balls are the perfect gadget to help with muscle relaxation and bring some kind of therapeutic energy to help you relax. Pedro is so pumped that we started carrying these bad boys in his honor that he's already reserved like 38 of them for all his donkey buddies.

Who wants a boring generic stress round ball anyway when you can grab a cool donkey shaped Pedro stress reliever emblazoned with our own logo. Keep one handy from your favorite brand on the coffee table, at the office, or when you're at your in-laws for the holiday!

One of the best stocking stuffers around. Happy holidays from Pedro!