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The Glamping Kit (New)

Glamping set will keep you more than comfy on any adventure even if don't think you can fully hack a weekend outdoors. Kit saves nearly 15% too. *New This Holiday!*


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*New This Holiday!*

Pete & Pedro's 6-Piece The Glamping Kit has all the grooming stuff a gent needs to look his best while on any outdoorsy adventure. If you can't fully hack a weekend camping or backpacking, this glamping kit will keep you more than comfy while you miss your favorite hair dryer and shower tools back home. Sure, we all like in theory a night under the stars, but we all for sure love it when we feel comfy and clean doing it!

Grab the kit and save yourself nearly 15% OFF versus purchasing the items separately.

Gift-wrapping not available. No substitutions.

The 6-Piece Glamping Kit Includes:

1. Premium Blend Powder for those long sweaty, uncomfortable hikes to keep your boys and feet dry and chafe-free.

2. Butt Wipes because you just don't know when nature will call. And, these wipes will keep your rear fresh and clean in a jiffy.

3. Travel Cologne Spray Refiller allows you to take your favorite signature scent with you on the go, without the hassle of bringing (or breaking) the entire bottle.

4. Dry Shampoo so your hair stays clean without the need or access to water (no sink), all the while adding volume and texture to your hair.

5. Portable Mirror so you can easily wash your face, brush your teeth, and more while cleaning up outside around the fire or lakeside.

6. Dopp Bag to hold all your grooming essentials above in one big, convenient spot. 

The Glamping Set @ a Glance

Powder - 5 oz.
Dry Shampoo - 3 oz.
Flushable Wipes - 40 Wipes
Travel Cologne Sprayer - 5 ml
Portable Mirror - 16.5 x 12 cm
Travel Dopp Bag - 13 x 25 x 13 cm



Powder: Twist open. Shake powder into the palm of your hand and apply to areas of the body prone to heat and sweat. For best results, apply to dry, freshly cleaned skin.

Dry Shampoo: Apply spray to dry hair. Use your fingertips to massage throughout your hair. Make sure to work the product down to the root and scalp to maximize the cleaning and volumizing power!

Flushable Wipes: Drop a deuce. Then, open the lid and grab a wipeWipe! Close the lid so wipes stay fresh.

Travel Cologne Sprayer: Open cologne bottle cap and its sprayer nozzle. Place refiller bottom hole on top of nozzle. Pump till the refiller is filled which only takes seconds.

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