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Dual-Sided Face & Body Wash Clothes - 3 Pack *Coming Soon*

The dual-sided face & body wash clothes have one side to firmly yet gently exfoliate your skin, and a super soft side to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Sign-up to be notified when we launch and get 20% OFF! Details inside. NEW!


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Pete & Pedro’s Dual-Sided Face & Body Wash Clothes are ridiculously exfoliating and super efficient. These bad boys are equipped with two sides. One with an incredible scrubber that easily removes dirt and grime. The other, baby blanket soft to gently cleanse those sensitive areas.

They are ideal for unclogging stubborn pores, eliminating acne, removing blackheads, and leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth. Tough enough to handle anything you throw its way, yet gentle enough to scrub that delicate face without irritation. 

The plush, thickly woven clothes promote a thick, hearty lather from your favorite body wash. The easy-hang, woven handle makes storage and easy drying a total breeze.  They're also machine washable so you can reuse them over and over without fear of mildew or grime residue. These are a total shower game changer!

Dual-Sided Face & Body Wash Clothes @ A Glance

  • Super Soft Cleansing Side
  • Super Tough Exfoliating Side
  • Increases Soapy Lather
  • Easy Hang Storage Handle

Directions: Dampen cloth with water. Apply body wash or bar soap to cloth, and rub the cloth together to create a luxurious lather. Exfoliate and cleanse skin. Rinse cloth and hang to dry. Machine wash as needed.

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