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Two-Pack Body Wash Sets

Body Wash Sets include any two of our amazing-smelling body washes + a FREE loofah, saving gents nearly 10% ($4) versus if purchased individually. 


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Pete & Pedro Two-Pack Body Wash Sets include any two of our insanely amazing-smelling body washes + a FREE loofah for each set. As a set, you save nearly 10% ($4) versus if all of the items are purchased individually! We spared no expense with these puppies and not only do they look ridiculously cool with their pearlized texture and color, but they also smell absolutely incredible!

The eco-friendly body washes moisturize the skin galore unlike most washes that actually dry dermis. Each uses activated charcoal to absorb those evil impurities from your skin. After you’re done your skin will feel soft, supple and radiant. 

We recommend changing up your loofah monthly as the shower water and body scrubbing will loosen up the knots. And let's be honest, your bathroom probably isn't the cleanest place in the world! 

Body washes are Paraben free. Alcohol free. Eco-Friendly.

Body Wash Scents:

Invigorating Mint is an energizing burst of cooling peppermint that will awaken the senses galore.

Gold is manly fresh and includes notes of luxurious leather.

Silver is a light metallic cool water ridiculously fresh scent.

Bronze is a sweet and spicy black pepper with a touch of cinnamon feel.

Desperado is a macho, sublime, and wicked mix of rum and tobacco notes. 

Body Washes @ a Glance

Size: 12 oz. each

Scent: See above

Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Activated Charcoal, Numerous Extracts. Paraben free. 

To Use: Hop in shower. Squeeze a bit of wash on hand or ideally a loofah/sponge and lather body. Rinse. Change up your loofah monthly just like your dirty toothbrush!


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