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The Bad Boy Kit

With scents like bourbon, rum and tobacco notes designed to bring out your inner bad boy, this macho and money-saving kit (near 10%) keeps your hair and body healthy and smelling amazing!


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Pete & Pedro's The Bad Boy Kit is the sure fire way to take your Bad Boy status next level. The grouping of Desperado, Cowboy, and Bold is everything you'll need to upgrade your shower, body, hair, and olfactory game. The wicked scent combination of rum, bourbon, and tobacco notes is designed for the manliest of men and is a must have for your grooming arsenal.⁠ Makes for an amazing gift set too.

Grab the set and save yourself near 10% OFF versus purchasing them separately.

DESPERADO Rum Barrel & Tobacco Body Wash is a burst of manliness perfect for the bad boys. The body wash has a ridiculously wicked manly rum barrel & tobacco scent.

BOLD Bourbon Shampoo is great for all hair types and lathers big-time. The daily bourbon-scented shampoo is full of incredibly healthy ingredients to keep your hair and scalp in amazing shape. 

COWBOY Tobacco Cream Conditioner features a light, yet manly tobacco scent that smells absolutely incredible. The rugged conditioner (that is soft and creamy) is packed with healthy ingredients that help to restore hair balance and bring energy to dry or damaged hair.

Pair this set with the brand new VILLAIN EDP to elevate your bad boy level to the max! 

The Bad Boy Set @ a Glance

Desperado Body Wash:

Size: 12 oz.

Scent: Rum Barrel & Tobacco

Directions: Hop in shower. Squeeze a bit of wash on hand or ideally use a loofah/sponge and lather body. Rinse.

Cowboy Conditioner:

Size: 8 oz.

Scent: Light Tobacco Cream

Directions: Wet hair. Shampoo. Rinse. Then, apply conditioner. Massage into roots and scalp. Keep in hair for 2 minutes, then rinse.

Bold Shampoo:

Size: 8 oz.

Scent: Bourbon

Directions: Wet hair, lather with shampoo, then rinse. Follow with Cowboy.

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