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The Complete Shave Set

Custom-made shave kits includes nearly our entire lineup of shaving products to ensure happy shaving. Just choose which kit you want. Getting the entire complete set (image shown) saves you $10! 


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Pete & Pedro The Complete Shave Set is the cat's meow of men's shaving kits as you can choose amongst 4 custom-designed kits. If you're going to shave - shave with the best gentleman. Our different sets include nearly our entire lineup of shaving products and tools to ensure happy shaving is a daily morning ritual. Great gift too.  Getting the Complete Shave Kit (the main image that includes all) saves you $10 versus if purchased individually!   

These 3 Shave Products Are Always Included:

Pre-Shave Oil - Unscented pre-shave oil is a shave's secret weapon. Apply and watch razor gliding magic happen in your soon to be pain-free shaves.

Shave Cream - Luxurious lathering superstar eucalyptus mint shave cream protects big time. Can be used with or without a brush.

Aftershave Balm - Natural unscented aftershave balm is ridiculously soothing helping to heal, protect, and hydrate just-shaved cranky and irritated skin.

Then, You Have The Option To Add-On One Or Both Of The Tools Below:

Safety Razor - Premium twist-to-open double-edged stainless steel razor (includes a pack of free blades).

Badger Shave Brush - Badger Brush with uber-soft bristles comes with a black handle and chrome base. Stand included.


The Complete Shave Kit Products @ a Glance:

Size: 4 oz. Aftershave Balm & Shave Cream, 2 oz. Pre-Shave Oil

Scent: Shave Cream - Eucalyptus Mint, Aftershave Balm & Pre-Shave Oil - Unscented

Safety Razor Specs

Head: Butterfly Open  (makes for super easy replacing of blades)

Comb: Closed

Type: 1-Piece 

Weight: 3.2 oz.

Length: 4.2 in.

Construction: Genuine all brass frame, chrome plated

Shaving Brush Specs:

Hair Type: 100% Badger

Knot Size: 22 mm

Loft Size: 58 mm

Handle: Black. Durable Resin.

Stand: Includes Acrylic Brush Stand

Box: Comes in P&P gift box. Great gift.


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