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Facial & Nose Hair Scissors Set

Scissors Set includes two types of scissors (one sharp/one rounded) to ensure your nose/ear hair is removed easily/safely, and your beard/stache/brows are groomed to perfection. 


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Pete & Pedro Nose & Ear Hair Facial Scissors Stainless Steel Set is the crème de la crème of scissors kits.  No matter if you're trimming your nose/ear hair or keeping your mustache/beard in order, both scissors will trim your facial hair with the ultimate precision using the highest quality stainless steel available. Make mustache and beard trimming a breeze, easily eliminate unwanted nose and ear hairs, and shape your eyebrows to perfection - these scissors can do it all. And, having two is always better than one!

The Grooming Scissors Kit comes complete with two pairs of scissors. One pointed/sharp scissor for precision facial grooming accuracy, and one curved/rounded for complete safety of those delicate areas (like in the nose/ear area), allowing you to trim as close to the skin as possible... without fear of injury. Ouch!

Kit comes complete with a stylish metal case emblazoned with our logo for clean and safe storage. The case protects the scissors from rusting, getting bent or damaged accidentally on your bathroom counter, and it fits perfectly into your travel bag for looking amazing on the go!

Nose & Ear Hair Facial Scissors @ a Glance:

Material: Stainless Steel, Metal Case

Components: Includes 2 Scissors + Case

* Rounded/Curved Scissors - great for safety/delicate areas like for nose/ear hair & more!

* Sharp/Pointed Scissors - great for trimming facial hair, mustaches, beards & more!


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