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Spicy Senorita Tin Candle

Luxury tin candle with an amazing mix of leather, vanilla, and tobacco notes set the mood perfectly for any occasion.


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Pete & Pedro Spicy Senorita Luxury Tin Candle smells absolutely amazing… it’s as simple as that gents! Key notes of leather, tobacco, and vanilla mix flawlessly to set the mood perfectly whether you’re trying to impress your date/girlfriend, having some company over, or simply chilling solo doing some work at home. Our luxury candle will no doubt add a touch of class and sophistication to your humble home.

The Spicy Senorita candle combines three unique scents that work in unison:

1. Leather notes combine with a touch of bergamot and grapefruit to marry rawness, manliness, freshness and refinement. It’s well-known that woman are attracted to leather aroma!

2. Vanilla notes are semi-sweet and include a touch of tonka beans and cocoa. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac that helps make one feel uplifted and relaxed. One can never go wrong with a vanilla fragrance.

3. Tobacco notes (no guys not the same nasty cigarette smell) combine with subtle notes of anise, nutmeg, and clove for pure bold and confidence. These are the same type of notes you’ll find in premium body washes or colognes.

The high-end candle is made of a premium soy blend and has a single wick with 30 hours of burn time. Be sure to follow these three key tips when lighting your candle – for more detailed candle advice go here.

Key Candle Care Advice & Tips:

1. Wick Size: The wick should always be trimmed to within 1/4" of the wax to ensure the right amount of heat is put off by the flame for an even burn.

2. First Burn: The first burn should equate to the size of the candle. This will prevent dreaded tunneling. Our candle is 3 inches in diameter so your first lightening should be 3 hours long. Be patient till you’re home for a bit!

3. Extinguish: When blowing the candle out use the lid to extinguish the flame – don’t just blow it out. Rookie mistake.

Pete & Pedro Spicy Senorita Tin Candle @ a Glance:

  • Burn Time: 30 hours
  • Wick: Single
  • Primary Scents: Leather, Tobacco, Vanilla
  • Wax Family: Soy Blend
  • Size: 4 oz.
  • Dimensions: 1.75" tall x 2.5" wide
  • Made in USA


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